X Ray Tech Cover Letter

| December 27, 2013

A(an) X Ray Tech Cover Letter is a letter of introduction in which you present yourself to your prospective employer. Of all the documents that form part of your application, it will probably be the first document that will be read. It has to be clear, self-contained, simple and a good read the first time around.

What should you write in your X Ray Tech Cover Letter

Fold it so that your name and contact information is the first thing the recruiter sees.

City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address

Employer Contact Information

May, 22, 2013

Ms. Susan Johnson
Company name
4554 South Lane Street
Anyplace, IN 46400

Letters addressed it to a specific person, should be signed with ‘Yours sincerely’.

Dear (Mr. or Ms.) + (Last Name):

Opening Paragraph

The applicant starts with a strong point of his candidacy by drawing attention to the fact that he already has experience working in radiography as an intern. Although this field may sound boring, the applicant made sure to emphasize his interest and passion for the profession.

I am writing to express my interest in the X Ray Tech position that is currently available with your organization. With over 10 years of experience in jobs:____, I feel that your needs and my skills are an excellent match. Please note the following additional qualifications.

Body of the Letter

The second and third paragraphs go into more detail about her skills and give concrete examples of what she was able to achieve for her past employers, helping them successfully launch products and businesses from the ground up.

The Closing

The last paragraph of the cover letter referenced his resume and asked for the opportunity to elaborate on his qualifications.

I would like to schedule an appointment with you to share my analysis of your strategic position with you and discuss how I can help Organization re-define and realize its corporate vision. My resume is enclosed. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Your Name – Leave 3-4 lines from your “Sincerely” to your name.

Sincerely yours,

Cover Letter Tips

Check to make sure the spell-check function on your computer hasn’t automatically changed your letter to ‘Mrs. Toumey’ to ‘Mrs. Tumor’. Ensure that you’ve accurately spelled the full name of the company, and not used any abbreviations that you haven’t seen elsewhere in company literature. And most of all, use proper grammar. If you don’t consider yourself a wordsmith or don’t always know when you’ve made an error, ask a friend or trusted colleague to read your X Ray Tech resume and cover letter and point out to you the words or phrases that seem misplaced.

The X Ray Tech Cover Letter example below was written for a job seeker looking for a job position. The applicant had extensive experience in this field, so instead of repeating what is already on his resume, he simply referred the employer to it. He leveraged the little attention that employers normally have when reviewing applications to draw attention to his strengths. Finally, he emphasized that he was a hard-working and positive individual.


X Ray Tech Cover letter Example

When you have finished your cover letter you should start off your X Ray Tech Resume with: objective statement, education, work experience etc.

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