Credit Controller Cover Letter

| June 25, 2013

A(an) Credit Controller Cover Letter should be a focused, descriptive complement to your resume, not a detailed, page-long essay about your full career story.

What should you write in your Credit Controller Cover Letter

Match the header on your resume with the header on your cover letter. They can and do get separated! An example header should look like this:

City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address

Include the company name and the recipient’s name and title. Even when applying to a blind ad or box number one can use the ad information to personalize a cover letter.


Name (of Hiring Manager)
City, State, Zip Code

Your salutation comes next and should look like this:

Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name) of Interviewer:

Opening Paragraph

The introduction: Whenever possible, indicate how you came to apply to the company, such as…
- responding to an advertised opening
- having identified the company through research (do not use this if you didn’t do the research as it may be obvious to the employer)
- reading about the company or its executives in a publication
- receiving a referral from John Jones at XYZ company

When I saw that you were looking for a Credit Controller (position title) I knew that I would be a perfect fit. I have extensive leadership abilities and a talent for (skill).

Body of the Letter

In the second paragraph of the cover letter, he listed a few of his qualifications, including EKG, telemetry, assessing vital signs and maintaining charts, all this done with compassion, diligence and dedication.

The Closing

State what you will do to follow up, such as telephone the employer within two weeks. If you will be in the employer’s location and could offer to schedule a visit, indicate when.

Currently, I am exploring new opportunities and would welcome a personal interview for the position of _______, I appereciate your time and consideration, and look forward to meeting with you.

Sincerely, Your Name – Leave 3-4 lines from your “Sincerely” to your name.



Cover Letter Suggestions

Play up the positives; downplay the negatives. Let’s say you are a recent college graduate without a lot of job experience. Describe how your activities and experiences in school helped prepare you for your Credit Controller career. Or, suppose you have time gaps in your employment. I encourage clients to not call great attention to this; if you focus on it and make it into an issue, it will become an issue for them.

This is the kind of Credit Controller Cover Letter that is bound to catch the reader’s attention. If you are a new graduate, this is a good cover letter to inspire yourself from.


Sample Credit Controller Cover letter

Follow your cover letter with your Credit Controller Resume.

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